Taychreggan Hotel History


Samuel Johnson and James Boswell stayed here in their historic journey to the Hebrides.

The journey was grueling and the philospher grumbled about the lodging along the way. But something about Taychreggan put him at peace and he finally relaxed enough to take his first taste of Scottish whisky. And then he enjoyed a blessed night's sleep.

Some things don't change.

Taychreggan has been bringing peace and comfort to weary travellers for over 300 years now.

Taychreggan began life as a humble 17th century cattle drovers inn.  It took great skill to captain a cattle drive through the Highlands.  There were steep mountains, unpredictable weather, and furths and lochs to swim your cattle across. There were cattle thieves from rival clans watching and waiting for an opportune time to steal your cattle.

Taychreggan was built on a small peninsula that juts out into the loch. It was from Taychreggan, at Loch Awe’s narrowest crossing point, the cattle would swim across.

What a welcome sight the whitewashed stone walls of Taychreggan must have been to the drove captain!  Here he could be indulged a bit, dining and sleeping in a cosy room overlooking the loch while outside his men slept in the sheltered courtyard, guarding the cattle from thieves like Rob Roy who had a hide-out nearby.

Today, Taychreggan offers the weary traveller much more than the humble hospitality of the past.



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